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Mr Mark Stancombe (Owner) J&S Laser Profiles, Southampton

“I found Offset Energy Management a pleasure to deal with, they went through the full initiative with me and assured me the lighting levels would improve, and they stuck to their word”.

The old fluorescent lighting was totally removed throughout the main work area by the OEM operatives and replaced with induction low bays , these have transformed the working environment, they have allowed the work force to easily identify issues whereas before this was hard to see.

Whilst here they also changed the office lighting to the new LED panels, this has finally bought me into the 21st century and saved me money  “Well done to all the staff at OEM”

Mr Baden Sonley  (Owner) Hallmark Group Hull.

I met with Terry Gould and was impressed with his knowledge of the LED industry, I gave him a tour of the total site and he made a number of suggestions, He suggested taking out the old low level lighting and replace with the latest Low Bay Induction fitting, I agreed to have an area that was causing us issues carried out to see if his claims were correct?

I had no need for concern, the lighting levels have improved dramatically and the staff are very impressed, I can’t believe that there are reductions of over 65% in power consumption yet such massive improvements in light levels, we have now decided to have the full proposal implemented.

“I have no doubt that the financial savings that will be made will soon pay for the cost of the works which has been calculated at just 2.5 years”

Mr Steve Blades (Project Manager) Talke Shopping Centre

Now that the full shopping centre has been converted to LED  the quality of the lighting has dramatically improved the ambience of the centre , it feels brighter and helps to create a far better environment,

OEM were super throughout the process, they completed on schedule and kept to their promise of working to a programme we set out.

The car park lighting also has been a revelation, and customer feedback has been great, even the security staff have commented about the fact for the first time they have colour images on the CCTV system, all down to the higher levels of light output from the superb induction floods  (Good suggestion Terry).

I was apprehensive over the proposed savings OEM claimed, however they have proved to have been conservative and the actual savings being achieved are larger than anticipated, We will certainly use OEM  on other shopping centres in the near future “Thanks again to all the staff at OEM”