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  • Whether you’re running an office, school, factory, warehouse, stores, wholesale, shop, retail, hospital or university, you can make savings on your running costs of up to 50%.
  • Not only that, you can get new energy efficient lighting with 0% interest free funding.
  • There’s no capital or deposit required by you. No maintenance contract or lease. No interest.

1. We supply and install your new lighting.

2. You save up to 50% on your running costs.

3. The savings pay for your new lighting.

4. You get your new lighting for free.

We handle all your application for you and the funding pays us the full amount direct.

It covers the supply of your new lighting, the installation, the testing and monitoring of your savings.

The key strength of LED lighting is reduced power consumption. When designed properly, an LED circuit will approach 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light energy. The remaining 20% is lost as heat energy. In comparison, a traditional incandescent bulb operates at about 20% efficiency (80% of the electrical energy is lost as heat).

In real money terms, if a 100 Watt incandescent bulb is used for 1 year, with an electricity cost of 10p per kilowatt hour, the annual cost of running that bulb would be £88 – of which £70 will have been used to heat the room, not light the room.

If an 80% efficient LED system had been used, the electricity cost would be £23 per year – resulting in a saving of £65. Realistically the cost savings would be higher as most incandescent bulbs blow out within a year and require replacements whereas an LED equivalent would last a decade.

The benefits of Energy Efficiency Financing to your business

  • Convenient and fast. You can arrange your Energy Efficiency Financing through Offset Energy Management Ltd. We can then liaise with Siemens Financial Services to take care of your application and the paperwork for you.
  • Affordable. The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme is designed so that the finance payments made to Siemens Financial Services are offset against the anticipated energy savings which means the equipment pays for itself. Once you’ve made all the payments the savings continue.
  • Flexible.  Energy Efficient Financing is designed so that payments match or exceed anticipated energy savings. Payments are tailored to suit your circumstances and can be arranged with Siemens Financial Services over terms from 1 to 7 years, or in some cases even longer.
  • Easier budgeting.  Energy Efficiency Financing payments are fixed; payments are not subject to fluctuations in interest rates, which means easier budgeting.
  • Maintains existing credit lines. As the scheme is specially arranged through Carbon Trust Impplementation Services and Siemens Financial Services, any existing credit lines that you may have with your bank remain intact, to be used by you in the future if necessary.
  • Tax efficient. Energy Efficiency Financing is designed to be tax efficient. Finance payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Future proofed. The flexibility of the scheme allows the finance solution to change with your business requirements, therefore the original installation may be upgraded in the future.
  • Conserves working capital. Energy Efficiency Financing gives you the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business projects.