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Freeport Talke Shopping Centre Stoke

Freeport Talke Shopping Centre Stoke

Offset Energy were asked to complete a survey and produce a proposal to replace the entire internal and external lighting at the shopping centre.

The proposal was presented and it was calculated that savings of over £35,000 would be made in the first year, this also highlighted the fact that over a 7 year period over £200,000 would be saved.

The project was carried out by OEM’s own electrical department and completed ahead of schedule.

The instruction OEM received from the centres facility management company (Realm) was simple;

“Improve the lighting levels help create a better ambience and save us money “

OEM succeeded in all of the request, the lighting levels have increased by 22% and yet savings are higher than we conservatively calculated.

Realm also confirmed that the lighting improvements in the mall have made shoppers state that” It looks like the mall has been repainted”.

Further compliments have come from the centre security who have confirmed that “For the first time we now have colour rendition on the screen” due entirely to the improvements in the external lighting.

Steve Blades from Realm has stated;  “I am delighted with the new lighting, it has dramatically improved the feel within the centre, OEM have exceeded my expectations”.