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What’s It About?

iStock 000007618481Small 300x199 Whats It About? Offset Energy LED lighting

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Since LED lighting exploded onto the scene, there have been substantiated fears on the quality of many of the lamps being bought into the UK by unscrupulous so called wholesalers.

Offset Energy Management was formed to help companies through the minefield of issues that can be encountered along the way.

 Whats It About? Offset Energy LED lightingOffset Energy have over 30 years’ experience in the electrical field throughout the UK, it has worked for many of the established leading names in many sectors.

Offset Energy’s MD (Terry Gould) states ‘’ we are committed to delivering a seamless process for every client , whilst ensuring the very best in installation supply and after sales service.’’

We have heard so many nightmare stories and totally fabricated claims of cost savings; we have committed ourselves to ensuring everyone gets help through every phase of the changeover.

Our company use only the very best quality LED lamps and fittings, all with CE approval, our price check will show every client that we offer competitive prices against all of the major brands.

From the moment we receive the initial enquiry from the client, we create a data base dedicated to them, a surveyor is assigned to the project and sequence of events then takes place.

  • A meeting is arranged at the proposed project, a presentation takes place where we show the ‘’true’’ potential savings on offer,  and the other potential tax advantages that can be claimed are explained to the client.
  • A survey takes place in which all of the sites lighting lamps are identified and listed.
  • We then discuss with the client the information we need from them.
  • At this stage our in house technical team source the best lamp alternative from over 30 selected manufacturers.
  • The information is then sent to the office that same day and the technical team begin feeding the information into the data base.
  • Within 7 days the full quotation and specification is produced and presented to the client. This package clearly shows the energy cost from the present lighting, and the savings that will be made once the new LED installation is completed.
  • We will revisit the client and present our findings that will show all of the benefits, and point out any observations that may well lead to further potential savings.
  • Any questions the client may have or reservations will be discussed at length and we will endeavour to eliminate any fears they may have.
  • Once we have reached the stage where the client wants to proceed we would discuss how we would propose to carry out the installation, this would be based around ensuring the clients business is not disturbed in any way.
  • From here we would discuss the finance that is on offer, should the client wish to investigate this option; we would produce the documentation and discuss the case with the Carbon Trust on our clients behalf.
  • Within 7 days this can be in place and a start date can be agreed.
  • Our in house electricians would be given the project and work alongside the surveyor who will have set out a programme of works.
  • Once the installation has started the redundant lamps would be taken from site and disposed of.
  • On completion of works a full electrical test would be completed and issued with the relevant documentation
  • Offset Energy would then monitor the project throughout the guarantee period, and be available to each and every customer for any questions in the future .

Offset Energy are committed to ensuring the process is painless to every client, they are dedicated to giving the very best in installation supply and after sales service.

60% Cost Savings on Lighting, Energy & Maintenance