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Why Use Us?

With more than 30 years’ experience of cutting-edge lighting technology and experience of working with many of the leading names in many sectors, you get peace of mind.


It is well known that at present there is no official legislation in place in the UK this has allowed an influx of cheap foreign imports mainly from China, in many cases carrying fake claims of CE approval.

Offset Energy has worked tiresly to bring this to the attention of the powers to be and hope that this illegal practice is stamped out before tragic accidents occur. Many of these companies will disappear long before the guarantee given lapses (see quotes from Reuters below)

We at Offset ‘’Guarantee’’ that we will never supply illegal and fake documented LED products, we will only use the very best performing lamps that we are 100% confident will continue to perform at optimum levels throughout there lifespan.

Offset Energy pride itself on only using LED products that our sourced from Europe or carry the certification required to be able to be sold in this continent, ion most cases these cheap imports would be banned from sale in the rest of Europe due to poor components and lack of quality control.

Please ensure when making your choice official documentation is available, the accreditations that we work within require CE, UL/CUL , RoHS, DVE and UL

Please read a statement from a leading international news company Reuters

Febuary 7th ‘’ One in 5 Chinese LED manufacturers may fail this year’’

Febuary 7th same article ‘’ Everyone is making LED these days the industry is a mess’’ stated Irving Punn (Global Marketing director ) of Shenzen Semiconductors

Buying cheap does not work in this industry, the savings are made based on longevity and optimum performance our lamps will outlive their lifespan of 50,000 hours, these cheaper foreign imports (in many cases) will need to be changed during that period ‘’doubling your initial cost ‘’

We are committed to ensuring all of our clients will remain close to us for the future, and we will establish long term energy saving opportunities with them